Pakistani American Friendship Association was formed in 1973 with simple ideas of bringing the community together, staying connected, keeping our culture alive, and making a positive social impact. With focus on social and charitable activities, the community has successfully made Indiana a place many can call home. We plan events that keep our culture alive, help us stay in touch with our traditions, and introduce people of Indianapolis and neighboring cities to our wonderful heritage Our events include but are not limited to Concerts by Pakistani Singers, Qawaali’s, Poetry Recitals, and Sport tournaments. PAFA is currently a strong diverse community where many are available to connect to for provide advice to the young early professionals and entrepreneurs, and mentorship to students so that we may assist our community towards success as best as we can.

Historical Timeline

June 1973:

  • Some Pakistani immigrant families in Central Indiana formed an organization for social and charitable activities called Pakistan Friendship Association.
    Key members of the committee in 1973
    • President: Prof. Mohammad Ishaq (Late)
    • Treasurer: Dr. Shahid Athar
    • Vice President: Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik


  • President: Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik
  • Treasurer: Mr. Anwar Shah
  • Vice President: Dr. Shahid Athar
  • General Secretary: Mr. Mashood


  • Some PFA members created Pakistan Association of Indiana (PAI).


  • The organization’s name was changed to Pakistan American Friendship Association to promote friendship between Pakistani and Non-Pakistani American communities.

October 2005:

  • PAFA raised funds and collected several container loads of clothing, food, and medicine for the disaster area in Pakistan after a major earthquake hit.

PAFA Elections 2023 - Announcement

Election was held in September 2023 and new Executive Committee was elected by the general body. Election committee was comprised of Dr. Waqar Mehmood, Dr. Asif Ansari, and Dr. Mohammed Farooq. Voting was conducted electronically and was supervised by third party solution provider, Masjid Solution

Executive Committee



My primary motivation for seeking this office is to create a lasting legacy that will positively impact and support the aspirations of our future generations.


Vice President

Proud Pakistani loves to promote Pakistani identity, Values, culture and enjoys Pakistani celebrations.


General Secretary

Our vibrant very educated and united Pakistani community is my inspiration to serve in the PEC.



I’m a businessman who’s willing to help my community anyway I can.

Shakeel Ahmed Khan


Serve community with events to bring feel of Pakistan’s culture and customs while away from home.

People who have been involved with PAFA over the years.

• Dr. Adil Ashary

• Dr. Aisha Zafar

• Dr. Asif ansari

• Dr. Haroon Qazi

• Dr. Mehmooda Ansari

• Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Malik

• Dr. Rashid Khairi

• Dr. Saeeda Khairi

• Dr. Shahid Athar

• Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Waseem

• Mr. Anwar shah

• Mr. Asad Ali Shah

• Mr. Asrar Barni

• Mr. Azher Khan

  • Mr. Babar Rizvi

• Mr. Kamran Mehmood

• Mr. Mashood

• Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan

• Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad

• Mr. Nadeem Sidiqui

• Mr. Naveed Barki

• Mr. Talha Barki

• Mr. Zafar Ansari

• Mrs. Aisha Ahmad

• Mrs. Uniqah Muzaffar

• Mrs. Walia Hasan

• Prof. Mohammad Ishaq


Wheeler Mission 

Pak-Am Day

Gleaner Food Drive 

Writers Forum 

Table Tennis Tournament 

Visiting Pakistani Students Dinner 

Participation on 23rd March Function at Chicago Consulate 

Chand Raat Function 

Eid Dinner